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Welcome to Dementia Education Online

The educational strategies used to develop this online learning unit are detailed below.

Format and delivery

Each of the 6 modules is designed using the following:

  • Web based resource available to all
  • Stand-alone modules that can be incorporated into other education programmes/ activities
  • Multi-disciplinary content
  • Equivalent to 3 hours learning (1 hour information giving + 2 hours discussion)

Learning Activities

This online learning unit is made up of 6 discrete modules. Each module is designed using the following learning strategies:

  • Guided reading activities
  • Digital video vignettes
  • Reflective practice activities
  • Quiz questions
  • Additional resources and references

Target audience

This online learning unit is intended to be useful for the following groups:

  • Undergraduate students completing health related courses
  • Health care staff working in aged care including non-registered support workers
  • Postgraduate students completing aged care, dementia care, or mental health subjects

Acknowledgements and Quality Assurance

"Dementia Education Online" was developed by the Eastern Australia Dementia Training & Study Centre with funding from the Australian Government as part of the "Dementia: A National Health Priority" initiative.

The subject focus for "Dementia Education Online" was developed by the academic and industry partners from the EADTSC. A Curriculum Development Group was created by the EADTSC academic partners to develop the content and learning activities1.

An external academic and industry advisory group2 and education committees in the academic partners reviewed the content and delivery mode of reviewed "Dementia Education Online".

Ongoing development will be continued by the EADTSC Curriculum Development Group and the Feedback findings will be used to inform future development.

1: University of Wollongong: Assoc Prof V Traynor; Queensland University of Technology: Prof J Abbey; and Griffith University: Prof W Moyle and Dr U Kellett

2: University of Sydney: Prof Mark Mathews; Hammond Care Group: R Fleming; University of Wollongong: Prof P Crookes; Queensland University of Technology: Prof J Abbey and Prof H Edwards; and Griffith University: Assoc Prof Marie Cooke

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