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Dementia Education Online

Overview of this Online Learning Unit

Dementia Online is an online learning unit made up of 6 modules. For more information about the format and delivery, learning activities, target audience, and acknowledgements and quality assurance processes, please read our welcome details.


The content of the 6 modules which make up our online learning unit are:

  1. Module 1 What is Dementia?
    • Incidence and prevalence of dementia
    • Different types of dementia and the associated pathophysiology
    • Insight into the needs of special groups in the community with a diagnosis of dementia
    • Impact of dementia from the perspective of a person with dementia and a carer
  2. Module 2 Recognising Dementia
    • Screening and assessment in dementia
    • Distinguishing dementia, delirium, and depression
    • Making a differential diagnosis
    • Supporting persons with dementia and carers during an assessment
    • Multi-disciplinary approach to screening and assessment
  3. Communication in Dementia Care
    • Impact of dementia on communication
    • Importance of effective communication in dementia care
    • Strategies to enhance communication between practitioners, the person with dementia, and carers
  4. Module 4 Care Partnerships with Families Across Dementia Care Settings
    • The notion of care partnerships
    • A framework for construction of family-staff partnerships
    • The service support and delivery across care settings
    • Strategies to engage families as consumers of care
  5. Module 6 Younger Onset Dementia (YOD)
    • The prevalence and causes of YOD
    • The screening and diagnosis of YOD
    • Behavioural symptoms and YOD
    • Service provision for YOD.
  6. Module 7Dementia within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities
    • Impact of culture on the experience of dementia
    • Communication with people with dementia, carers and families from CALD backgrounds
    • An overview of culturally appropriate assessment
    • Resources on dementia care for people from CALD backgrounds

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